About the Owner:

As a Certified Veterinary Technician, I have over 28 years of in-clinic professional experience and have been caring for dogs in my home for over 15 years.  Pairing my professional experience  with my passion for exceptional in-home pet care, I am blessed to have the opportunity to provide “your love when you’re away.”

Pet Care Philosophy:

Our In-Home boarding and Doggy Day Care services are built around providing the most similar and comfortable environment for your dog during a time that can be stressful for them. I also know leaving your beloved pet can make a vacation or business trip more stressful for you. My goal is to ensure you can travel while knowing your pet is safe, happy and comfortable. Enjoy your time away and they will be happy to tell you all about their stay upon your return!

I want to make special note of my love and experience caring for those dog requiring special attention. Whether geriatric, insulin dependent or any special medical needs I truly appreciate the opportunity to provide the extra care to make their lives comfortable and happy. Please let me know how I can help ensure a great boarding experience.

Our Home - Their Home Away From Home:

We selected our home specifically for the qualities that make it a haven for dogs; yours and ours. The main floor is a very open design with all wood floors. We are in a country setting with over ½ acre fenced yard frequented by squirrels and rabbits with lots of space to run and shade to rest. Inside we have toys and balls happily thrown by my daughter or I, soft dog beds to relax, and yes they are welcome on the couch; that’s where most of the petting happens :)

We are located between O'Fallon, IL and Troy, IL to serve the entire Metro East area. 

Our Babies - your dog's new best friends:

Of course we have a couple of our own. Boo is a 9 year old female Black Lab Mix and officially in change of squirrel watching. Jack is her 9 year old brother and terrier mix (we call him a Jack-a-dor since we really have no idea what he is) and the love bug of the house. 

Requirements for stay

The LovesPaws team takes pride in providing the best possible care for your dogs. That level of care includes ensuring their health and the health of other guests. Our requirements encompass both state law as well as what we feel are best practices.

  • All guests must be current on vaccinations (Rabies, Bordetella, Distemper/Parvo combination) with records provided by your vet. I do require Bordetella to be given every 6 months.  All guests are required to be either Spayed or Neutered if over the age of 5 months.
  • Yes, I do accept a vaccine titer. If you are not familiar with a titer please ask and I will be happy to share.  
  •  All guest dogs are required to be on monthly flea prevention and STRONGLY prefer this NOT be a product with the active ingredient "Fipronil", which is most commonly found in Frontline and also some other over the counter products.  We are happy to make suggestions of other flea preventatives and feel free to read our Flea Blog to learn more.  Heartworm prevention is also a monthly requirement, for your dog's and my other guest dog's protection.


LovesPaws is located Between O'Fallon and Troy just off Troy - O'Fallon Rd

24 Bernhardt Rd. Lebanon, IL 62254