Flexible hours...a 2 way doggie door

One of the most common questions we receive is about our hours: "When are you open?" "Is 6:15 am too early to drop off?" "Can we pick up on Sunday evening?" and my favorite, "Are you here 24/7?" 

In light of these questions a blog post seems like the best way to answer as well as talk a little bit about what our flexible hours policy means for everyone; because it is a 2 way doggie door. 

I am happy to help accommodate your busy schedule, and can arrange for early drop off or later pick up times with some advance notice.  Depending on these times, there may be a slight fee, but I do my best to not have to charge.  Often, if it is going to be later, then I'll suggest they spend the night and go home the next day.  

Your pooch is happy at LovesPaws in part because it is our home. They play in the yard, nap on the couch and hang out with the family; all just like they do at your home. Because it's our home we are here a lot; but not 24/7. We go to dinner, Maddie has ball games and I even sneak in a girls night out every once in a while. We also make occasional pet sitting visits for those unable to stay at LovesPaws. Our time away is controlled, and yes it varies by which and how many guest dogs are with us. When we leave they do just as they do at your home; sit on our couch and look out the window waiting for our return :) 

You will notice we almost always ask when you plan to drop off and pick up. Most of the time it's to ensure feedings are consistent and we are ready to welcome a friend or have your things ready for an easy pick up. There are also times we may ask if you can adjust a few minutes, and we appreciate the flexibility. If you have a firm schedule just let us know and I will adjust. Please remember, LovesPaws is here to serve you and your pets with the utmost love and best care possible.  Personal love and attention is NEVER limited by "normal business hours."