Tax Savings and your Fur-Baby

The end of January means two things; the Super Bowl and the start of tax season. Of course we all have more fun catching (the pet) commercials at the Super Bowl party than we do organizing tax documents, but here are a few tips from your pack at LovesPaws to help get back a few dollars compliments of your pooch. 

Of particular focus is the deduction for pet related expenses due to a job based relocation. So while your new company may not let you add a stay at LovesPaws to your expense report; Uncle Sam will let you deduct it from your 1040. Of course we always recommend consulting your tax professional to ensure forms are completed, T's crossed and I's dotted (with a paw print of course). 

LovesPaws knows that a move can be a very stressful event for your pet. In addition to the change of environment it is also a high risk day for your fur baby to slip out of a door propped open for movers. Whether the military is moving you across the world or you're closing on your dream home across town give us a call to arrange a stay. LovesPaws has day care options for a long day at the title company and loading/unloading boxes, or they can stay the weekend while everything is settled at the new home.  Get your family settled and then bring your furry kids home and introduce them to their new digs!

Here is an article with a few more details as well as 6 other pet-centric tax deductions.