Pet Advocacy

Being a pet advocate is something I realized very early on in my career, was going to be the part that I would love the most.  Being able to be their voice when they can't speak is a great feeling.

Pet advocacy comes in many different shapes and sizes.  Daily, I am able to help make decisions for them that will benefit their lives.  This is either in the daily medicine portion, or having that difficult conversation with their owners at the end of their lives. 

One of my favorite ways to be an advocate is to join the pet and pet parent at their medical appointments. This benefits both the pets as well as the pet parents. Often, the doctors although not meaning to, will talk "doctor language" and the parent agrees and say they understand at the time, but really don't have any idea what the doctor just said.  That is where I come in...I have been in the field for so many years, I can easily understand what the doctor is saying, and be able to "translate" it to the pet parent in words that make more sense, therefore allowing that parent to feel better about the decisions for care they will be making.  I can also ask the questions that the parents wouldn't know to ask.  Recently, I joined a client at her appointment with an orthopedic surgeon.  That is a daunting experience for most.  It was comforting to her that I could go along and discuss the process, options, pros and cons of the surgery with the doctor, and ask questions on her behalf.

Please let me know if you are ever in need for someone to go along, even just for morale support if nothing else.  It's very overwhelming sometimes when your baby is sick or injured, and it is a time when you need someone to lean on.